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Boys & Girls Club of Kingman


In 2014, our Club enhanced its value to the community through improved program implementation, increased staffing, expanded hours and new community events. Kingman families have taken notice of Boys & Girls Club and the word has spread:

In 2013, Boys & Girls Club of Kingman had an average daily attendance of 67 members.
By November of 2014, we were at 318 total members with an average daily attendance of 106 members – that’s a 58% increase!
75.4% of the families we serve live at, or below, poverty
36.7% live in single-parent or grandparent homes.

This year, we wanted to ensure Boys & Girls Club of Kingman was an open resource for families when school was out. We were able to accommodate the members from the Kingman Academy of Learning and were open 38 Fridays for this school year. As Kingman Unified School District transitions to a 45-10 calendar we will continue to be provide a safe and active place for local youth when school is not in session. We are only able to provide these programs, thanks in part to the funds raised from Community Events, Individual Pledges and Corporate Sponsorships.

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